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Derusha Model Yachts is your one-stop-shop for finding these newly released kits for building your very own model yachts. These models are all based on designs by naval architects to be real boats. And just like the real ones these really work. Despite being much more than your normal r/c boat you can still sail them yourself using a remote control.

And as a kit each of these beautiful works of art can now be yours without having to pay for the labor of having us put them together for you. This reduces the price significantly making it affordable for any true boat lover.

Each kit includes all the Miniature Harken hardware perfectly scaled to match your new boat that you need to build them yourself. So go ahead and select from these proven, all-time popular models today the one model that calls to you. And remember… ¬† for many of us summer is just around the corner so there is no time to waste!